Higz Documentation

Hello! This easy and short documentation will help you to install and set Higz theme properly. No hustle, let's dive in.


  1. Go to your Ghost site folder (via FTP or just on hard drive if you are hosted locally).
  2. Find content/themes folder – go inside.
  3. Upload Higz folder there.
  4. Restart Ghost.
  5. Open site's dashboard (http://yoursite.com/ghost).
  6. Navigate to "Design".
  7. Find Higz in the Themes section — click "Activate".
  8. Click "Save".


Inside Ghost

Ok, now it's time for some text work.


  1. Hope you are still in dashboard.
  2. Open "General" page.
  3. Fill in info about your blog and upload a logo.
  4. Smash "Save Settings".
  5. Click on the chevron right above the search field and open "Your Profile" .
  6. Fill in info about yourself. This will be displayed at the bottom of every post (avatar, name and bio, the rest is unnecessary). Avatar should be at least 200x200px.
  7. "Save" again.

In order to make your blog really yours, we are gonna set some links to external locations.

  1. Go to "Design".
  2. In the "Navigation" section creat and arrange links you want to be displayed in the top of your site.
  3. Click "Save".
  4. Go to "General".
  5. In the "Social accounts" section fill in Facebook and Twitter fields with links to your social profiles.
  6. Slick "Save".

Outside Ghost

You do not fear code, do you? Of course you don't. That's great, let's see what we have here...

First, navigate to Higz theme folder and open "partials" — content/themes/higz/partials.


Ghost doesn't have native comment system yet, so we'll have to use third party solution. And this solution is Disqus.

  1. Go to disqus.com and sign up. Or in, if you already have an account.
  2. Register new site and get a code.
  3. Open comments.hbs.
  4. Paste Disqus code there.
  5. Save the file.

Analyze it!

If you want to see statistics of your blog, you may use Google Analytics or something else.

  1. Open analytics.hbs.
  2. Paste code you got from any analytics service there.
  3. Save the file.

Not the end — the begining!

Well done! Your blog is ready and set to go. Hope you'll like it now that it have Higz on board.


I assume you want to know how to change the color of the post. There is nothing simpler:

  1. Choose the color you whant.
  2. Add it's name into post as a tag.
  3. Save the post.

Post types

Higz has a nice power to display your posts in 4 variants. Let's see how it works:


Do nothing. Default is default (:

Press litle star on the left of the post title in posts list page.

  1. Add "quote" into post as a tag.
  2. Add text of the quote into content area.
  3. Add author name and date (if needed) into title area.
  1. Add "link" into post as a tag.
  2. Add URL into content area.
  3. Add title into... well, into title area.
Background Image
  1. Add image into post via post settings.

Additional functions

Code highlight

Higz uses Prism.js to highlight your code. All you need to do is to add class [your_code_language] as the first line of your code.

See the full list of supported languages here.

For example, for HTML use class markup, for CSS css, etc.

.cat {
width: 100%;  
height: 100%;  
background: url("http://ghosted.net/assets/higz/cat.jpg");  

Remember, in Markdown you should type ``` in the begining of your code and in the end of it.

That's it! Enjoy.


Something wrong? Can't make theme work? Problems with configurating? Write me! I'll help you with pleasure: send me a letter.

Higz uses wonderful icons by FontAwesome.
Higz's fonts is Roboto and Noto Serif (cyrillics are supported, by the way).
Higz uses LESS, scrollspy.js, throttle / debounce, FitVids.js, normalize and Prism.js.

Design and development — Ghosted.net.